Sunday, July 1, 2012

Knock On Wood VInyl Home Decor

Welcome to FIRST IMPRESSIONS, if you are looking for our vinyl and home decor items they can be found at the link below:

Please feel free to browse the above website for any vinyl/wood or home/holiday decor needs or stay on this website to look at how you can make those precious hands and feet a wonderful memory!

Thanks to all those who came out yesterday to the farmer's market...we had a wonderful time even with the heat!! I was able to talk and meet so many wonderful people and as I had mentioned to all of you I am working on a website/blog specifically for our wood/vinyl projects, but as you all saw my belly you can understand the hold up. Please feel free to contact me in the meantime with any questions or interest in special orders and I will get back to you as soon as I am able.  Oh and so you know we will return to the farmers market end of July...

Below are a few of the things we had at the market as well as a list of ideas of what we can do or have done, we also have a variety of color options as well. The possibilities are endless!

Project Ideas:
Growth Chart (over sized ruler)
Family Name Plaques
Holiday Decor
Baby Name Blocks
Baby Subway Art
Baby Stats in several designs
Home decor signs (kitchen, bathroom, laundry, dining, playroom, bedroom, etc)
Wall word vinyl
Welcome signs
Quote signs
Wedding gifts
and so much more!!!

Welcome signs (Many styles and options)


 Holiday Decor-Different styles for different seasons/holidays

 4 Block Baby Stats Set (one of many styles of remembering your child's information...make great gifts)

Fun Sayings Sign (Have an idea...I'll make it happen, just let me know)

Family Name Plaques (Great for your home or as a gift...especially for weddings)

Please check back soon for a link to our new site dedicated to all of our wood work/vinyl projects

Monday, March 19, 2012

Welcome to First Impressions!

Do you remember the day your precious baby was born? Looking at those tiny hands and feet and thinking how cute and wonderful they are. The way those tiny little hands grab your finger and the way those itty-bitty toes curl. Our children grow up all too soon and before we know it those little hands and feet are gone forever!

With First Impressions you can preserve those tiny memories by creating a priceless keepsake of your child's first years. I offer detailed hands and feet clay impressions that make a perfect memento. 

So, whether your precious baby is newly born or several years young, those tiny hands and feet will only get bigger with time. Contact me today to capture these tiny moments forever.

Ceramic impressions are not just for your little ones, impression plaques are also available for older children, siblings, families, and even generations! Take a look at my product pricing and ideas page for some different options. These beautiful impressions are definitely a keepsake you will cherish for a lifetime. I have many shapes and colors to choose from and they make great gifts...

And just remember...It's never too late to make a First Impression!